About Me

I like to think it’s fate that I was born on Columbus Day, a whole 24 hours dedicated to a famous (yet controversial) world explorer.

I’ve been an avid traveler for as long as I can remember. Since my first plane ride as an infant and first solo trip at age 9, I have always loved travel, and I’ve always had an interest in trying new things. I’ve taken a roadtrip to Canada navigated solely by a plush cow, been screamed at by a gondolier in Venice, and been seated next to someone tossing her cookies into a Ziplock bag during a van ride up a Mexican mountain. From holding baby alligators to eating pickled herring and riding elephants, I’ll try most things once.

I earned my B.A. in Communication and Media from Northeastern Illinois University in December of 2010, and since then have worked as a political journalist, freelance writer, editor, and content writer.

I’m a bookworm, dog lover, a twenty-something with the mindset of a old man. You’ll find me doing yoga, taking long walks, sitting in cafes people watching, and complaining.

I know that life is short, and I try to take full advantage. That’s why I try to fit in as many adventures as possible: When the recession-plagued economy made it impossible for me to find a job after college graduation, I headed to Europe solo – twice – and I’ve been traveling whenever I can since then, be it a quick weekend trip somewhere outside Chicago or all the way to the Middle East. I’m about to move across the world to beautiful New Zealand, and I’m eager to get a taste of life (and wine) in the Southern Hemisphere.

Need to contact Jessica Slizewski? Leave a comment or send an email to journeywithjes@gmail.com.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey cool site – i found it through andrews facebook post. do you have any recommendations for new york? ive been there before so i dont want to fall into a tourist trap but id like to hear anything else that stuck with you.

    ill keep an eye out for your next trip!

    • I’ve certainly been working – I worked full and part time throughout college and was able to save by living frugally. I was unable to find a “grownup job” for months after school, and took advantage of that time to use some of my savings on travel. Since finding a full-time job in my field three years ago, I’ve continued to pick up part-time and freelance jobs which helps me continue to save.

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