The dolphin swim

I’ve always wanted to go swimming with dolphins, and on this trip to Mexico I was lucky enough to finally be able to do it.

Even though I’ve wanted to swim with dolphins for years, there were some extremely nerve-wracking moments during the experience, starting with the moment we were told we couldn’t wear any sunscreen. No sunscreen? My fair skin burns within five minutes of stepping outside, and wearing no SPF on a hot, sunny day seemed like a recipe for sun poisoning. I had half a mind to turn around then, but I remembered my childhood dream of becoming a dolphin trainer and decided to risk it. Red, stinging skin seemed like a reasonable price to pay for a chance to hug a dolphin.

I assumed the worst was over, but when we were told to get into the water, I balked. Getting into dark, murky water with a dozen large, meat-eating mammals suddenly seemed very frightening. What if I accidentally scared a dolphin while getting in and it bit me? Very carefully and slowly, I got it. The dolphin trainer did nothing to ease my fears when he jokingly shouted “Release the sharks!”

However, I quickly learned there was nothing to be nervous about. Four of us were able to play with eighteen-year-old Tosha (pronounced Tos-sa), and she was a wonderful swimming partner. We were able to touch her, hug and kiss her, and dance with her. The dolphin trainer taught us the hand signals to have her sing, twirl, and leap.

One of my favorite parts of the experience was the foot push. We were instructed to swim out to the middle of the water and lay flat on our stomachs with our arms outstretched and legs locked. Two dolphins then swam up from behind and each pushed a foot so we flew across the water. My only fear during this activity was that my bikini bottoms would fall down.

This was a great experience and we had so much fun. I’m amazed that despite my lack of sunscreen, I didn’t even get burned. I’m so glad I finally checked this off my list of things to try!

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